Wednesday, December 31, 2008

me, myself, and computer(s) name is Nur Fadzliah Bt Azizam and i'm originally from Terengganu. i'm 24 and turning to 25 next year!!!already 25 when i posted this. well, actually i don't know how to start my blog. in fact, i don't blog. reading others, yes. having and doing mine? owh yeah, i'm doing it right now. trying so hard to make this looks "normal".

talking about computers, i actually "not that" literate in this field. not to say that i'm fully illiterate about computer. i have been using computers for many years. but to me, being so in depth in computer, THAT i'm not so sure. i mean, beasically i know how to use it. you know, doing my assignments using Word, Power Points etc. i can say that i know how to use the softwares, but i admit that i do not master them all. still, i need my friends to help me doing this and that. duh, i'm not that computer literate. and it's soooo scary when knowing that CALL class requires us to do websites?coursewares?OMG!

computer hardwares. ok, they are tools right?am i right?err..i think so. OMG, how can i proceed writing about things that i don't really know. i think, i don't really know about computer hardware. i have heard the terms, i mean the tools that made a computer. err..a computer has RAM?okay, again, i only know the basic (only the basic) things about computer. prof, just imagine that i cant finish typing this in class period!!! it going to be tougher?i hope it's not with your help..i don't really have the skills. if i have problem with my laptop, i will quickly and directly refer it to my friends who are really literate and who are really really know how to fix a computer. i'm willingly giving them my laptop rather than letting it be with me.

i currently active with my friendster. yes, i started facebooking, but i think it's quite complicated for me. lol. i'm actively using internet doing my research, reading, booking my movies' ticket etc..simply put, i use internet for leisure and seeking information, nothing to do with "serious" business.

in CALL class, i hope prof wont be tired teaching me the course. i think this semester will be tougher than i have expected. it is CALL subject we are talking about. help me.