Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Level : Form 4

Time : 80 minutes (double periods)

Aims : 1. To find specific information on two given websites
2. To practice speaking in association of using adjectives.

Technical Requirement : One computer per group of 2 students with an internet connection and a web browser.

Website address : and

Preparation : 1. Locate websites dedicated to movies.
2. Using the information on the websites, prepare a worksheet.

Procedure :

1. Teacher plays hangman with students, regarding a title of a movie.

2. Teacher asks students’ opinion about the movie.

3. Teacher asks students to open the two websites.

4. Teacher briefly goes through each website with students.

5. Teacher distributes worksheets to students.

6. Teacher asks students to go through reading the worksheet.

7. Teacher explains the instructions of the worksheet in which students need to fill in the blank by looking for answers in the websites (they have to read the synopsis of the related movies; Exercise A).

8. Teacher gives 10 minutes to students to do the worksheet in group of 2.

9. Teacher discusses the answer with the students.

10. Students are given a task (Exercise B); students are given freedom to choose any movies’ title on the websites that they like and they are given 5 minutes to read the synopsis of the chosen movie. Then, by pretending as the director/scriptwriter of their chosen movie, they need to create their own synopsis/storyline in pair. They should be as creative as possible. They need to complete the sentence below:

“If we are the director or the scripwriter of (movie’s title), this is how our story

11. Students are required to share the tasks with their classmates.